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Warning the oil used  in this Donut machine

Can reach in excess of 200 degrees Celsius

If the hot oil comes in to contact with skin

at this temperature you will may

incur second degree burns. Your skin will blister!


Place the oil container (tank) on a level surface, insert the hopper pole / mechanism  into the locating tube at the rear of the oil container and attach the hopper to the top of the moving mechanism at the top of the pole. Attach the draining tray to the side of the oil container and place one of the sieve trays in the oil container and the other on the draining tray, Make sure the drain tap is shut off and then fill the oil container with a good quality oil to just under the bottom lip of the draining tray. You are now ready to make Doughnuts.


Plug the Doughnut machine in to a 3,000 watt supply of electricity. Turn the heat temperature control knob to 190 degrees. The oil will take about an hour to reach this temperature, when it would appear to have reached this temperature, check the oil temperature with a good quality temperature probe. SAFE COOKING WITH OIL

Whilst the temperature of the oil is being reached, the Doughnut mix should be made; using the Donut mix add water to make a thick batter mix! Place 4 litre of water in to a bucket and add half the bag of Donut mix and stir the mixture until the powder has become a thick and sticky batter mix, it should, when lifted out of the bucket, almost stick to the wooden spoon! Fill the hopper with the mix and you are ready to make Donuts.

With the temperature is at 190 /195 degrees move the hopper over and around the oil container, with a single revolution of the handle on the hopper, a doughnut shaped batter mix will fall out (repeat the revolution process to make more donuts). When enough doughnuts are in the oil, move the hopper clear of the oil container to rest until next required. The doughnut after a few seconds will rise to the top of the oil. Then after about 30 seconds, flip them over with the flipper bar, cook on this side for another 30 seconds. When they look like they are cooked, lift the sieve tray with the doughnuts out of the oil and swap with the sieve tray on the drainer tray. Now is the time to make more donuts whilst the donuts are draining. When the donuts have drained sufficient, place them in a bowl of sugar (if required) and serve straight away. Don’t eat them cold.....Ugh!!


When finished, leave the oil to cool down for at least an hour. When cold remove all loose parts; hopper and rod, flipper, sieves and drain tray. Drain the oil from the oil container by placing a suitable container underneath the drain tap, then open the drain tap to drain the oil Wash all parts with hot ‘SOAPY’ water to remove the oil, drain and dry with a tea towel.

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