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(Electro Freeze CS4)

Hire an Ice Cream Machine (Mr Whippy).

Details and Consumables

The ice cream machine will make a 3oz ice cream portion (ice cream in a cones) every 22 seconds for the prefect ice cream consistency.

Power requirement: 240volts. 8.5 amps. 1.5kw. The initial start-up requires 4kw.

Ice cream machine weight = 92kg.

Stainless steel trolley weight = 30kg.

If there are steps to be encountered, additional operatives will be needed.


Ice cream machine: 550mm x 400mm x 700mm.

Stainless steel trolley: 500mm x 600mm x 700mm.

Ice cream machine on trolley: 500mm x 600mm x 1530mm.

Promotional area;

Promotion use is best on the top, which has a base area of 400mm x 500mm.

The top part of the machine is 110 x 220mm.

On the front is a small area (not very visible) of 200mm x 300mm.

The back is 400mm x 550mm.

On the sides of the left side of the machine there is an area of 300mm x 500mm.

On the right side of the machine is and area of 250mm x 500mm.

The trolley frame: front and back is 500mm x 690mm. Sides are 600mm x 690mm.

One-day hire £138.00.

2/3 Days hire £250.00. (Collect Friday p.m. Return Monday morning)

Event rate 3 to 5 Days hire £315.00.

Ice cream mix (1 litre of mix makes approximately 10 soft ice creams).

1 litre of ice cream mix cost £1.90.

(Ok for vegetarians but not vegans, it does not contain eggs or gelatine, made with skimmed milk powder, gluten free).

Cones (medium) Box of 300: £10.98.
Cone (sugar) box of 225: £18.60.

Waffle (2/3 scoop) box of 216: £42.60.

Oysters (filled) box of 36: £13.62.

Plastic tubs: £9.00 per hundred, £80.00 per 1000.

Waxed Tubs 160ml: £15.00 per hundred, £120.00 per 1000.

Spoons (little plastic): £4.00p per 100, £35.00 per 1000.

Sauces £5.00 per bottle:

chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, raspberry, sour cherry,  green apple, mango.

Flakes or fudge fingers: £17.94 for 144.
Sprinkles 1kg £11.99: Tutti fruitti, roast nut nibbles, chocolate chips, sugar strands.

ice cream at my wedding reception

Hire Mr Whippy Ice Cream Machine,

Soft Ice Cream Machine Hire for Conference Entertainment.

Ascot, Bracknell, Central London,  Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Staines, West London, Windsor.

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Middlesex, Surrey.

i would like to rent an inc cream machine

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