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 Make A Shake - Mobile Milkshake Van

Make A Shake - Mobile Milkshake Van

Make-A-Shake is our Mobile Ice Cream Milkshakes Bar.

This is a very popular alternative to just a plain milk shake, Our Make-A-Shake is a mobile milkshake bar which mixes the ice cream mixture with the choice of sweets, cake and fruit at your event.

Instead of going to get a shake, to take away (especially when the shake takeaway is closed)!

We come to your party and cater for you and your guests, we bring the milkshake machines, ice cream machines, choppers, blenders, all the consumables and ingredients to make a dream of a milkshake.

It takes but just a few seconds to ‘Make-A-Shake’.

Skinny milk milkshake, an ice cream floater milkshake, a thick shake or a creative ' Make A Shake'.

Why not have this unique mobile ice cream milkshake bar attend your office party, company event, exhibition stand, conference, birthday party or Home wedding or for your wedding reception. We cater at private party, summer ball, prom, gala, as we have the machines to cope with any demand.

Here are some ideas of ingredients to Make A Shake at our mobile milk shake bar.

Apple Crumble, Banana Bitz, Merry Berry, Peach Delight, Pineapple Crush. Strawberries Creme.

Bounty, Bourbon, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Orange, Club, Crunchie,

Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury Flake, Ginger Nut, Kit-Kat, Minty Choc Bisc, Oreo, Maltesers, Nutella, Rocky,

Coffee Mocha, Chocolate Fudge, Mandarin Cheese Cake, Toffee Popcorn.

We can also provide other frozen Products; Slushies, Smoothies Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Yogurt.

You can hire the Granita (ice making machine) machines and purchase consumables from us.

Then you can D.I.Y. and make your own shake away!

Listed below is a breakdown of costs and requirements to help with producing a quote:

Each 500 millimetres  (half litre) of milkshake cost on average £1.90.

(includes milk shake, ice cream, sweetie ingredient, syrup, cup and straw).

The cost of the rental of the Machine(s) will depend on: How many machines are required to meet the demand over the time period span and over how many days? Attendance cost will depend on hours required to serve and over how many days? Transport cost is done on postcode? 


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I Would like, Where can I hire a

Mobile Milkshake Bar, for Prom.

Birthday Party, Festival Style Wedding,

Thick Milkshakes, Ice Cream Milkshake,

Ascot, Crowthorne, Chelsea, Maidenhead, Marlow, Wokingham, Virginia Water, Reading, Mayfair, Basingstoke,

High Wycombe, Paddington, Chelsea, Egham, Knightsbridge, Windsor.

For further information;