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Where can I hire a Mobile Refreshment Cart? A drinks tent, A drink dispensing backpack?

We have mobile catering carts to dispense hot and cold beverages and snacks.

The carts can be fitted with Ice boxes for cold drinks, ice shaving machine with fruit juices,

Water, Fruit Juice, Milk, Beer, Cider, Fizzy Drinks.

Biscuits, cakes, buns, confectionary, sandwiches crisps and snacks.

An LPG griddle and wok or an oven and a LPG urn for hot products;

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Soup, Mulled wine, Hot toddy,

Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pies, Pasties, Pizzas, Cookies. Sample Product Catering.

Old fashion Ice Cream Bikes (1940’s /1950’s). Ice cream Bicycle with attendant.

A unique inflatable Ice Cream Van for inside or outside,

it just needs electrical supply and it’s like the real thing!

Branding and Promotional use on all dispensers.

 Product Launches.

            Stadiums. Festivals.

               Long Queue Refreshments.

                                          Company Fun-Day Event.

                                           Social Gathering Function.

                                         Chilled Drinks

     Hot Sunny Days.

Where Can I Rent as I would Like,

To hire a Mobile Refreshment Cart,

Refreshment Tent, Mobile Drinks Bar, Drinks Dispensing Backpack,

Mobile Hot & Cold Refreshment Trolley

For Exhibition Stand Attraction Idea.

Promotional use at Public Event.

West and Central London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Surrey.

Registration Queue Refreshment.

mobile refreshment stall
mobile drink dispenser
Mobile Refreshments
mobile ice cream van

refreshments on the move

backpack drinks dispensing

chilled drink dispenser

So much more than Fun Foods!

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