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How To Make Slushie Drinks

And Frozen Drinks;

Mix the syrup with water to a ratio

of 6 parts water to 1 part syrup

Place the slush machine on a level surface, remove a hopper lid and fill the mixture to the maximum line, replace the lid, repeat the filling process in the next hopper if the machine is a twin unit.

Plug the machine in to an electricity supply of at least 1.5 kilo watts.

Move the switches to the on position, switch on the revolving white plastic scrapper(s)

and set the freeze / chill switches to the freeze position .

The machine will take about an hour to freeze down and slushies can be served.


Slush Machine are not supply on demand, as most people think! the machine has to freeze the liquid down.

So a small machine will make one slush drink on average every 4 minutes. To keep the drinks coming at this slow rate you have to work it! Especially when there is a queue! Best use as big a machine as possible.

Have plenty of mixture ready and it is best if it is kept chilled in advance to speed the process up. At Every opportunity; top-up after a few slushies have been dispensed, this is the way to keep it making slush to it’s maximum when you hire a slush puppie machine rental.

If it’s a kids party; give them smaller cups as they put the unfinished drink down and come back for more. If there is a possibility of a rush; line the drinks up in advance ready to serve or place ready made drinks in a fridge as they will keep frozen for ages. Keep working the machine, keep it topped up!

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Hire Granita Machine - CLEANING Instructions.

Empty the remaining mixture from the hopper(s) through the dispensing handles, remove the hopper lids and wash the inside of the hopper(s), the hopper lids and the outside of the slush machine with warm soapy water, rinse with clean water, dry the outside of the machine with a tea cloth.

For further information on Frozen Granita Machines;

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