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These Tricycles are not to be ridden!

They are different to normal Bikes

They tip over very easy when turned!

They are insured for our employees


’Stop Me and Buy One’

We have a choice of two ice cream tricycles; There is a showman's Old Fashion Ice Cream Trike and the other is a very pretty (pink) trike which can also have an electric freezer fitted instead of the original front box.

Ice Cream Bike Hire

One ice cream bike hire is an old fashion trike (fairground looking) with hand written gold gilt sign writing.

The insulated coolie-box on the front has 4 freezer plates, These freezer plates are frozen in a freezer overnight. Then when you are ready to use the ‘Stop Me and Buy One’ Tricycle. You insert the freezer plates into the insulated coolie-box by lifting the lid and placing the freezer into the retaining brackets on either side of the insulated coolie-box. Next place your choice of ice cream products in the insulated coolie-box, wheel the Ice Cream Trike to the position you require to serve from, ring the bell (provided), and watch the punters flock!

The insulated coolie-box will keep the product in good condition for up to three hours.

Ice can be used as an alternative to the freezer plates if the need arises.

Ice Cream Bike Wedding, Exhibitions, Birthday Party.

Our other bike is for special Events! When you require a service of an ice cream bike hire with an attendant. (Please note we can provide a complete range of ice cream products, kept frozen in our van until required).

Our other ice cream trike hire is a very pretty Pink, white, black and chrome ‘Stop me and Buy One’ Bike.

This is written up as the re-known ‘Giovannis’ Stop Me and Buy One’ and comes with a choice of parasols.

The attendant will dress to suit your occasions / event. You can provide your own promotional / themed outfit or we have a choice of; Chef’s whites, white coat & hat. Victorian shirt, tie and waistcoat. Various hats & aprons.

When we supply the service of an attended Ice Cream Bike, We are always happy to oblige and ring our bell.


To promote you company event or the special occasion; you can have the Ice Cream Bike’s Coolie-box adorn with you special message or Logo. Please Click here for information on the sizes, dimensions and products available on and with the Ice Cream Bike Hire.

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