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Hire water heaters for any catering need.

Portable Stainless Steel Catering Urns

that can be used for heating mulled wine.

Mobile Water Heaters.

We Hire Stainless Steel urns for heating liquids and heating up mulled wine.

Water, Soup and Mulled Wine Heater.

The most popular size catering hire, holds 20 litres.

The Electric urns have an on / off switch and a thermostatic simmer control.

There is a view pipe in the front to see how much liquid is in the urn at any given time.

Liquid is poured into the top and is served through the tap at the front.

The tap is a non-drip tap, so once you return the tap to rest in the central upright position, no liquid will come out.

We can provide covers in black velvet when being used as mulled wine warmer.

The electricity consumption of electrical urns is 3,000 watts

Please remember that when the temperature is set above 60 degrees the liquid inside will become hot enough to cause scolding!

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Mulled Wine Warmer.

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