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Pick and Mix Sweet Choices
PICK AND MIX pricing details
Please note that due to Covid 19:
prices may have increased due to suppliers annual increase.

PICK AND MIX STAND (8800 x 5800 x 1620mm)

One Day Hire (empty) £100.00.
3 Day Event (empty) £150.00.
Full stand will accommodates 20 x 3kg of sweets (600 x 100 grams servings).
Delivery / collection costs are assessed by postcode.

Pick and Mix Display; each unit holds 20 dispensers, each dispenser holds up to 3kg of sweets,

The signs at the top and bottom can be covered by your own logo or message.
We have available for the Top / bottom: Bar Mizzvah, Just Married / Congratulations and Happy Birthday.
We can have your own personal sign made up at cost.

Pick and mix cup 0.12p each (pack 25) = £3.00.
Plastic bowl 4 x 10cm diameter. £6.00 per 100.
Pick and mix (small) bag; £10.00 per 1000.
Pick and mix bag £18.00; per 1000 £0.04p each.
Bag pink striped; £10.00 per 100.
Bag white (6” x 6”); £11.00per 1000.

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We supply the sweets in 3 portion sizes, when 20 varieties are required for the stand.
Some sweet are not supplied in 3 kg weight (# marked) due to manufactures packaging.
20 x 1kg  = 100 grams (approximate) servings approximately (a hand full or plastic water cup). £130.00.
20 x 2kg = 200 grams (approximately) (cupped hands or a medium take away coffee cup). £220.00.
20 x 3kg or packet size (for 600 x 100 grams or 200 x 300 grams servings approximately) £250.00.
Price does not include bags
*may mean an increase in price of £1.00. per star

American Gobstoppers
Aniseed Balls
Aniseed Twist
Blackcurrant & liquorice
Butterscotch *****
Chocolate Eclairs **
Chocolate Fruits
Chocolate Limes
Cough Candy
Glacier Mints (foxes)
Kola / Cola Cubes (2.5kg in jar) **
Lolly on a stick
Mint Fondants ****
Mint Humbugs*
Mint Imperials
Pear Drops *
Pineapple Cubes
Rhubarb & Custard
Rosy Apples
Winter Mix

Blue Raspberry (box)
Rhubarb & Custard
Strawberry ***
Toffee *

Candy Alphabet letters
Candy Cones (box)
Candy Necklace
Candy Sticks
Candy Sticks - Rhubarb & Custard
Candy Watch
Dolly Mixtures (box)
Love Hearts (mini tube) # ***

American Hard Gums
Blackcurrant & Raspberry Jellies *
Black & Rasp (mini gums) (box)
Black Jacks / Fruit Salad #
Chewit * (box)
Drumstick Lollies ***
Drum Everton Mints
Fruity Caramels **
Jelly Beans
Maoam Minis (box only)
Refreshers **
Toffees – Assorted *

Chocolate Covered Banana Chips
Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts ***
Chocolate Chewing Nuts ***
Chocolate Covered Cinder Toffee ***
Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Chocolate Covered Raisins ***
Chocolate Covered Toffee *
Chocolate Flavoured Bean(smarties)***
Chocolate Flavoured Eclairs *
Chocolate Flavoured Sports / Foot Balls

Disco Disc (box)
Disco Discs (giant) (box)
Fish and chips (box)
Jazzies (giant)
Mice (box) (starz milk or white)
Mini Eggs ****
Raspberry Ruffles
Spinning Tops

Fish and Chips (box)
Ice Cream Cones
Mice (box)
Mice (giant)
Pink Hearts
Pink and White Mice
Pink and White Mice (giant)
Porky (pink) Pigs (box)
Skulls (box)
Snowies (giant)
Spinning Tops (box)

Blue Stars
Bubble Gum Bottles (box)
Cherry Cola (box)
Cola Bottles (box)
Dummies (box)
Fizzy Mix
Peach Hearts (box)
Twin Cherries (box)

Bananas (sm.) (box)
Bananas (bumper)
Coconut Mushrooms *
Flying Saucers (tub, Box)
Jelly Bears
Ice Cream Cones
Milk Mushrooms (box)
Mushrooms (box)
Strawberries (box)
Shrimps *  (box)
Strawberry soft mallow
Marshmallow (Pink & White)#
Marshmallow (mini) #

Chocolate Flavoured Fudge
Rum & raisin #
Vanilla #
Vanilla (wrapped) ***

Cola Bottles (box)
Cola Bottles Fizzy (box)
Bubble-gum Bottles Fizzy
Cherry Cola Bottles
Cherry Cola Bottles Fizzy
Fried Eggs Large (box)
Strawbs (box)
Suckers (box)
Suckers Fizzy (box)

Baby Dolphins (box)
Beach Mix
Berries (strawberries) *
Black and Rasps (box)
Blue and White Dolphins
Brains (box)
British Bears
Cherry Cola Bottles
Cola Bottles (box)
Dew Drops
Jelly Mix
Dracula Teeth / Dentures (box)
Fairy Land
Fried Eggs (box)
Friendship Rings (box)
Fruit Frogs (box)
Fruit Gums
Fruit Flavoured Jellies
Fruit Pastilles
Gold Bears (box)
Heart Throbs (box)
Jelly Babies (box)
Jelly Babies (mini) *
Jelly Bones
Jelly Snakes (box)
Juicy Red Lips (box)
Larger Tops / Pint Pots (box)
Meer Kats
Melon Slices
Milk Bottles (box)
Midget Gems
Pig Mugs
Psycho Skull (box)
Psycho Rats (box)
Scary Snakes (box)
Scary Spiders
Sea Horses
Sea Shells
Space Mix
Strawberry and Cream
Strawberry Milkshake (box)
Teddy Bears (box)
Terrific Turtles (box)
Tongue Painters
Twin Cherry (box)
Wine Gums
Yellow Belly Snakes (box)

Liquorice Allsorts (box)
Liquorice Comfort
Liquorice Cream Rock
Liquorice Cuttings
Liquorice Torpedoes

Rhubarb & Custard
Fizzy Apple
Fizzy Peach
Fizzy (sour) Strawberry  (box) *
Rhubarb and Custard sticks (box)

Brazils ****
Raisins *

Mini sweet Mix ***
Nut Cluster
Variety Mix **
Pontefract Cakes
Rotella (box)
Rum Balls
Skittles *
Strawberry & Cream (box)
Sugared Almonds **
Turkish Delight ***
Yorkshire Mixture***

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